Mix Designs and Uses

2500 - 3500 PSI


2500 - 3500 PSI Concrete is typically used for foundatins, footings and duct banks.

3500 - 4500 PSI


Any type of flatwork including, sidewalks, patios and driveways, should use 3500 - 4500 PSI concrete.

5000 PSI

Boat Ramp

5000 PSI is used mostly for mechanic garage floors with car lifts or when a specific spec job requires it. This pour was 5000 PSI concrete with 3% accelerator for a boat ramp on the Piscataqua River  in Maine.

Flowable Fill / Night Deliveries

Night Flowable Fill

We have a few mix designs for flowable fill including one that you can pave on in 15 minutes! With 3 trucks running we can bring about 14 CY per truck per trip! We can deliver 24/7 to accommodate whatever the job requires. 

Pumping Concrete

Pumping 3000 PSI footing mix in Wrentham

Our concrete mixes can be used in pump trucks with out any issues at all! We can pump anything from Grout to Eastern Pump Mix. 

Custom Mix Designs

Pumping Special mix for Clean Harbors in Chelsea

 We can design a mix for any job specifications necessary.  Please give us a call and we can go over your specific job and produce a proper mix design for your job!